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Working with a Gunnedah Conveyancer makes property transactions simple

The Borthwick & Butler name in Inverell Shire and New England region goes back almost 150 years. During our long history, we have established a reputation for high quality conveyancing and property law services, so when you engage a member of our Gunnedah conveyancer team, you know you are working with a professional you can trust.

We provide support and guidance designed to ensure any property transaction is completed as smoothly and as stress-free as possible, whether it’s domestic conveyancing or commercial conveyancing, and we act on behalf of buyers, sellers and mortgagees across the region.

Every Gunnedah conveyancer on the Borthwick & Butler team is committed to providing you with practical solutions to all your property law needs, and we focus on making the entire process as cost effective as we can for all our clients.

What can I expect from my Gunnedah Conveyancer?

We are here for all your conveyancing and property law needs, regardless of whether it’s a straightforward sale or a complex, multi-layered transaction. Your Borthwick & Butler Gunnedah conveyancer will be experienced in all aspects of buying and selling properties across the entire region, and you can rely on our expertise and personalised approach to deliver the best possible outcomes.

The team at Borthwick & Butler is experienced in all varieties of land and title transactions, including old system, torrens and real property titles, and work on behalf of clients both buying and selling houses, apartments and other domestic properties, including transactions involving strata titles.

In addition, your Gunnedah conveyancer can provide legal advice and guidance for anyone looking to establish, grow or manage a property investment portfolio.

Our client base extends across Inverell Shire and New England, and so we have a long track record in farm and rural property transactions, including Water Access Licenses (WAL), leases, share farming agreements, as well as planning and environmental issues.

What services does a Gunnedah Conveyancer provide?

Any sort of property transaction brings with it a certain degree of complexity with regard to compliance. There are both state and federal regulations that need to be adhered to, and any transaction has to be completed in accordance with the terms of the contract for sale.

This is why working with an experienced Gunnedah conveyancer is essential, as adhering to the terms and the timelines is a necessary part of securing any property sale or purchase. At Borthwick & Butler, we ensure that any property transaction is completed efficiently and with attention to detail.

While it is possible to undertake the sale or purchase of a property yourself, you will likely have greater peace of mind that you are compliant and your deal is secure when you engage the services of an experienced industry professional.

We’re here for more than property law and Conveyancing

Your Gunnedah conveyancer specialises in all aspects of property law, and has the experience to provide advice and guidance for purchasers and vendors across Inverell Shire and New England. This also includes dealing with issues surrounding mortgages and loans, leases and contracts, as well as tenancy issues, Crown leases and government grants.

Although Borthwick & Butler specialises in conveyancing and property law, we also provide a comprehensive range of commercial law services, including guidance on setting up a new business, purchasing an existing business, or setting up partnerships and joint ventures, as well as agribusiness law and estate planning.