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Benefits of working with a specialist Tenterfield Conveyancer.

At Borthwick & Butler, we are committed to providing our clients across Inverell Shire with the highest quality personalised service, and your Tenterfield conveyancer will work with you to deliver solutions in any area of property law that you require.

We specialise in both domestic and commercial conveyancing, and the highly experienced members of our Tenterfield conveyancer team are qualified to act on behalf of buyers, sellers and mortgagees across the region. In particular, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver efficient, timely and practical solutions that ensure that your property transaction goes through all the relevant stages as smoothly as possible.

With a history of serving Inverell Shire and New England for almost 150 years, our experience in estate planning, property law and commercial law means that when you work with a Tenterfield conveyancer, you can be sure that you will benefit from our extensive expertise and commitment to our clients.

What services does an Tenterfield Conveyancer provide?

No matter how simple or complex your property transaction might be, a Borthwick & Butler, Tenterfield conveyancer is a specialist in property law who can guide and support you through every stage of the process.

Our experience and reach across the region means that we are equipped to handle property sales in both rural and urban areas, including strata title transactions. In addition, we work extensively in the commercial space, and have expertise in areas such as old system, torrens and real property title, as well as transactions involving Crown lands. In addition, we work closely with investors who are looking to expand and develop a portfolio of investment properties.

We are also experienced at working on rural property sales and leases, including WALs (Water Access Licences), and act for clients on a range of issues around agribusiness law, such as risk management, succession planning and compulsory acquisitions.

Why should I work with a Tenterfield Conveyancer?

There are a range of both state and federal laws with which you need to comply when you undertake any sort of property transaction. However, transferring the ownership of a domestic, rural or commercial property can be quite involved and detailed, and so you should ideally engage a Tenterfield conveyancer to ensure that all the terms of the contract for sale are being adhered to.

While it is possible to oversee the sale or purchase of a property yourself, the ultimate security of the transaction is dependant upon full compliance with all the relevant local, state and commonwealth regulations. Engaging an experienced Tenterfield conveyancer will ensure that your sale or purchase is able to proceed without unnecessary complications.

When you work with Borthwick & Butler, you can be sure that all aspects of your conveyancing are handled with care, skill and great efficiency, and you can rest assured that every aspect of your transaction is being managed by a property professional who will take care of every detail on your behalf.

Speak to Borthwick & Butler for all your Property law needs

Although your Borthwick & Butler Tenterfield conveyancer will be a specialist in handling property purchases and sales, we offer a wide variety of other services as well.

This extends to subdivision and development applications, building contracts and off-the-plan property purchases, as well as the buying, selling and setting up of businesses, creating partnerships, or establishing the right structure for your business.